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  • MIG Welder

    Hobart 140

    Let me first say that is hard to find a better MIG welder in this price range. I work at a auto shop and we have a few of these. Yes they are used daily however car bodywork requires a lot of material preparation and welder is used for short periods of time, welder also runs at relatively low amperage so this may be a reason why we haven't had a single problem in several years. If I was running a shipyard I would most definitely buy something more powerful but for light pro use (like auto shop) it will fit the bill. Oh yes, they are made in USA.

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    I have Lincoln EASY MIG 180 for two years now. I also have an old (40 years?) Lincoln stick welder so Lincoln was somehow logical choice for me. I weld a few hours per week so I went with this rather small unit. It is comfortable and easy to adjust. Overall this seems to be a good welder for the money, It does everything it's supposed to do and so far hasn't failed me yet, I was also thinking about Miller but then I realised that Miller is overkill for me.


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      I bought a Millermatic 252 907321 It doesn't cost much more than Millermatic 212 but it's a lot more machine.

      I run a small fab shop so we do everything from one off jobs, to full on production welding. We recently replaced an older MIG welder with Millermatic 252 and what a difference! This welder is since become workhorse of our shop, the notorious Miller quality has exceeded all my expectations. Millermatic 252 is our first Miller product this machine is a great welder, great value and a must have addition to our shop. The only improvement I could see is if there was an easier way to change aluminum spool gun with steel wire feed.


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        I agree Hobart is a quality welder, however with 140 amps you are somehow limited, personally I wouldn't buy a welder below 180 amps. That's why I bought Hobart Handler 210 and I couldn't wish for more.